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During these challenging times, the power to uplift lives and manifest positive change rests in our collective hands. Your donations, large or small, will directly support our 2022 programming, designed to spur thinking, engagement, understanding and action. Click the Donate button below to make a donation, or make a direct transfer to our bank account:

Art Project Graniti Associazione
IBAN:  IT25Y0335901600100000153734

2022 Program Highlights

  • GranitiMurales Artist Residency
  • Photography and Film Exhibition
  • Notte Bianca
  • Summer Arts Festival
  • ArtSpace Activities and Events
  • Existing Mural Maintenance 

Art Project Graniti is a non-profit Cultural Association based in Graniti, Sicily. Committed to inspire, educate, and empower the communities of Sicily’s Alcantara Valley through public Artworks, Art exhibitions, children’s Art projects, cultural events, and creative workshops.