Jenn Brisson

Jenn Brisson

Jenn had the longest wall to paint at 67′. It was located in the play area of La Terrazza. She spent a lot of time considering her beautiful palette of colours. Jenn’s mural titled “Shifting and Revealing”, is a self portrait of sorts including a series of masks representing local fauna she encountered in Graniti. The masks are strung together and opened by a long red ribbon held by two hummingbirds representing Vancouver.

Jenn also wrote a poem to accompany her mural:

-Shifting and Revealing-

Was it the Church bell’s random song?

Or the dog’s warning as I tread along?

Was it those subtle ways, so helpful yet frightening?

Warm inviting gazes, windows to uncharted places?

Was it the frigid wind, that awoke me and lifted me up higher?

Floating towards the mountains

Painted under a Sicilian sky

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