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After more than a year of dedication, the inauguration of the ARTspace structure was celebrated, fulfilling the vision of Karin Meier and Salvatore Romano, esteemed residents of Graniti with professional experiences gained both locally and internationally. The ARTspace serves as a hub for artistic expression, where artists can engage and entertain. Mayor Paolino Lo Giudice graced the inaugural day, emphasizing the spirit of openness. Initially established as a supportive space for artists involved in the Graniti Murales project, the ARTspace also offers a serene and optimal environment for artists seeking to work or exhibit their creations.

Situated on Via Gangi, this innovative structure creatively revitalizes a long-abandoned ruin, harmoniously blending iron, glass, and dry stone walls. Not solely dedicated to artists, the facility welcomes all citizens to participate in art courses organized within the space and to utilize the communal oven periodically provided by the ARTspace. This shared resource allows anyone to enjoy the age-old tradition of baking bread or simply relish the pleasure of making pizzas together with friends and sharing a meal. The recent inauguration, spanning the entire day, featured a delightful buffet, including baked macaroni for lunch and pizza for dinner. In addition to indulging in culinary delights, attendees enjoyed children’s activities, the introduction of the new artist from New York, Lelia Byron, who will create the next mural in town, and the unveiling of the ARTspace’s availability for her use.

The inception of the ARTspace in collaboration with Graniti Murales, a well-established presence within the small village, signifies a significant milestone. Graniti Murales continues to enrich the town’s streets by transforming ordinary walls into magnificent painted masterpieces. Since its launch in 2014, the Graniti Murales project has already witnessed the creation of over twelve remarkable artworks, contributed by Italian and international artists with diverse themes, techniques, dimensions, and colours. Artists selected through the Res Artist platform reside in Graniti, generously hosted by the community, as local citizens willingly open their homes in exchange for art. Within a month, the chosen artist brings about a remarkable transformation, turning a mere wall into a captivating work of art. During the inauguration, Salvatore Romano, the visionary behind Graniti Murales, revealed Richard Ralya as the new artistic director of the project. Richard, originally from Hawaii, previously participated as an artist for Graniti Murales in 2015. Having been deeply impressed by his experience in Graniti, he decided to relocate from Istanbul to assume the role of artistic director for Graniti Murales.

The residents of Graniti take immense pride and feel privileged to have individuals like Salvatore Romano and his wife Karin Meier among their community. Their genuine passion for art and love for their country have resulted in the creation of remarkable initiatives such as Graniti Murales and the ARTspace. The people of Graniti wholeheartedly celebrate these splendid endeavours.

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