The Art Project Graniti is a non-profit cultural association founded by Graniti’s own Salvatore Romano and his wife. Their vision was to revitalize the town and create new opportunities for tourism. Through the power of art, creativity, and murals, their mission is to inspire, educate, and stimulate the people of the Alcantara Valley, with Graniti serving as a hub for cultural exploration and artistic expression.

In an endeavour to enrich and beautify Graniti’s historic centre, the town has transformed into an “open-air museum” through the efforts of the Art Project Graniti & Graniti Murales. Under the artistic direction of Hawaiian artist Richard Ralya, this initiative has commissioned approximately 35 murals created by artists from around the world. These vibrant and captivating artworks breathe new life into Graniti’s streets, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and fostering creativity.

Graniti is a charming town nestled in the northeastern part of Sicily, Italy, with a population of approximately 1,500 residents. It is located in the province of Messina, situated at the foothills of the Peloritani mountains. The town boasts an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, with its highest point reaching over 1,000 meters. The picturesque landscape is adorned by the enchanting Alcantara River, meandering through narrow passages and towering walls. These geological marvels were formed by a lava flow from Mount Etna, and Graniti takes pride in being part of the Alcantara River Park. Conveniently positioned between Taormina, Giardini Naxos, and the Alcantara Valley, Graniti is a mere 15 kilometres away from the sea and just 3 kilometres from State Road 185 by Sella Mandrazzi.

One of the town’s distinctive features is its stunning pine forest, consisting of stone pines (Pinus pinea), maritime pines (Pinus pinaster), and Aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis). This lush oasis adds to the natural allure of Graniti, providing a serene environment for both locals and visitors.

Every year, on the first Sunday of August, Graniti celebrates its patron saint, San Sebastiano, with a captivating procession that winds through the town. The event is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks display, showcasing a variety of spectacular effects. It is a truly unique and mesmerizing spectacle that captivates the entire Alcantara Valley.


The artists of Graniti Murales form a dynamic and diverse community, hailing from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Each artist brings their own unique style, vision, and creativity to the streets of Graniti, turning the town into a living, breathing canvas of art. With unwavering passion and dedication, they have contributed to the transformation of Graniti into an enchanting “open-air museum,” captivating visitors and residents alike.

From talented painters to skilled muralists, these artists have masterfully brought various themes and concepts to life, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the town and its surroundings. Their murals tell stories, evoke emotions, and foster a deep appreciation for the beauty that lies within Graniti’s history and landscapes.

Through the Graniti Murales project, these artists have found a platform to showcase their talent and share their art with the world. They have embraced the welcoming spirit of the town, interacting with locals and drawing inspiration from the community’s warmth and hospitality.

As you stroll through the picturesque streets of Graniti, you’ll encounter an impressive array of murals that speak to the heart and soul of this charming Sicilian village. The artists’ contributions have not only enhanced the aesthetics of the town but have also forged a deeper connection between art and the people of Graniti.

Graniti Murales continues to attract artists from far and wide, fostering an ever-evolving gallery of breathtaking murals that add to the town’s allure. With each stroke of the brush, they weave a tapestry of creativity, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of art amidst the tranquility of the Sicilian countryside. The artists of Graniti Murales truly embody the essence of artistic expression and play a pivotal role in preserving the cultural legacy of this enchanting village.

About Graniti Murales a Cultural Association

Graniti Murales is a dynamic and vibrant art project that has been transforming the streets of Graniti, Sicily, into an open-air gallery since its inception in the summer of 2014. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the town and driven by the desire to revitalize the community, Graniti Murales brings together local and international artists to create stunning murals that tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate the power of art.