Chiara Abramo

Chiara Abramo Luglio 2023

Aldana participated in the Faber Residence program in Catalonia, Spain, after participating with Graniti Murales Artist Residency Program. She recently was a Jury in the Mural Contest, Villorba, Treviso. In March 2019 she earned honorable mention in the Mural Contest, CASA FOA 2017 for Artistic intervention in the new building inaugurated during the month of September. Aldana received a scholarship to Intercultural Odysseys, Costa Rica and won second place in the Marull Murals Contest, Córdoba. Her mural had an agricultural theme. She has received an appointment as a National Delegate for the Federal Capital of the Italo Grassi International Muralism Movement in Italy. Aldyna hails from Argentina, South American.