Deborah Bakos

Deborah Bakos (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/ 2017

Deborah’s mural is an abstract love letter to Graniti, inspired by Italian artist Alighiero Boetti. “GRANITI PER SEMPRE T’AMO BEDDA” She chose to wrap her design around a corner and incorporate the stairs adjacent to her wall.

Deborah Bakos, hailing from Vancouver, is a versatile multimedia artist. Her diverse body of work encompasses abstract and landscape painting, embellished photography, and installations using textiles and found objects.

While exploring a wide range of mediums, Deborah’s artistic themes consistently revolve around our collective vulnerabilities and the paradoxes we encounter in life: the interplay between hope and despair, justice and injustice, the familiar and the unknown.

Deborah’s artistic journey is backed by a Certificate of Fine Arts/Painting from Emily Carr University, as well as a Bachelor of Education in English/Fine Arts/Media Literacy from Simon Fraser University. Her artworks have been showcased in public spaces and commercial galleries, with paintings finding homes in collections and publications across Canada, the United States, Turkey, Mexico, and Italy.