Elisa Gonzales Miralles & Lucìa Antebi

Elisa Gonzales Miralles 2014 Espana Lucìa Antebi 2014 Argentina - The murals are no longer visible due to deterioration

These two murals were not painted but made of photos printed on paper, and glued to the wall by using the technique of découpage. The artists chose this kind of representation to picture the passing of time.

Elisa Gonzales Miralles: Elisa chose to picture in her photos the legend of “Lupo Mannaro” the Werewolf in the Alcantara Valley. Her photography is about how people relate to each other physically and emotionally, and how they construct their own identity. It is often about what is not said.

Lucia Antebi: Lucìa wanted to picture a homage to the Alcantara River and the Women of the Valley – united by fertility and beauty, which is represented in this beautiful territory in Sicily.

Elisa Gonzales Miralles: 

Having earned a degree in Chemistry, she is not only a skilled photographer but also a co-founder of the MADPHOTO school. Her photographic journey delves into thought-provoking themes, including the deconstruction of stereotypes, human behaviour, and the internal struggle with one’s own identity. Her remarkable talent has been acknowledged through various accolades, such as a grant from World Press Photo in Manila and being honored with the prestigious FotoPress 07 prize.

Her most recent body of work, titled WANNABE, has been published by La Fábrica, a renowned publishing house, and has been showcased in the exhibition “Un cierto panorama. Reciente fotografía de autor en España,” curated by Jesús Micó as part of the esteemed PhotoEspaña17 festival. Through her compelling imagery, she provokes contemplation and dialogue, inviting viewers to reflect on these profound and complex subjects.

With her scientific background and artistic prowess, she seamlessly blends technical precision with conceptual depth. Her photographs serve as a powerful medium to explore the intricacies of society, challenging preconceived notions and inviting viewers to question their own perceptions. As a co-founder of the MADPHOTO school, she actively contributes to nurturing and mentoring emerging talents, passing on her knowledge and passion for photography to future generations of artists.

Her remarkable achievements and ongoing dedication to her craft solidify her position as a respected figure in the field of photography. Continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic horizons, she remains an influential force in the contemporary photography scene.

Lucia Antebi: 

Lucía Antebi, in Buenos Aires, is a photographer and journalist. She pursued her studies in photography and journalism at the Illinois Central College in Chicago and the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC).

Throughout her career, she has worked at Oriol Alamany’s studio and participated in the Zahara Foto workshops. Lucía collaborates with renowned national and international editorial media, including Harper’s Bazaar, Yo Dona, El Semanal, Elephant Magazine, PSY, La Fábrica Editorial, Zoom Finland Magazine, and Rolling Stone, among others.

In 2015, her artistic work conducted during the “Granitti Murales” artistic residency culminated in a solo exhibition. Additionally, she was selected by “Carta de España” to deliver a presentation on her photographic work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In September 2014, Lucía was chosen to participate in the “Graniti Murales” artistic residency in Italy. A year prior, in April 2013, she contributed to the publication “Todas Direcciones” by Phree publishing house, collaborating with five other photographers.

Lucía Antebi’s artistic portfolio was selected in 2012 to be represented by the English agency Millennium Images. She has also presented her projects and delivered talks at the Blank Paper photography school, including a discussion on her work titled “Unprotected.”

Lucía’s talent and dedication have been recognized in various prestigious events. She was selected to attend portfolio reviews at the Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2008 and the Photoespaña festival in 2011. Within these festivals, she has conducted seminars and workshops alongside esteemed photographers such as Antoine D’Agata, Paolo Roversi, and Martin Parr.

She has received scholarships from the BAF-Angel Photography Scholarship competitions of the city of Córdoba and the International School of Languages in Barcelona, further supporting her artistic pursuits. Lucía Antebi continues to make significant contributions to the world of photography, demonstrating her skill, versatility, and commitment to her craft.