Joanne Hastie

Joanne Hastie (Canada) 12/2014 & 2017
Joanne has been to Graniti Sicily twice to paint murals. 2014 and 2017


“On my first day in Graniti, I saw Valle dell’Alcantara and I was told about the Conca shape that the Valley makes. The Conca is a place where people gather to keep warm in the past and a place to keep each other company. I loved the beautiful landscape, which even in December, for me as a Canadian was very colourful – like summer. I wanted to bring this beautiful view into the town of Graniti; especially with the shape of the Conca in a small piazza with benches – it is a place for people to gather. The more I painted, the more people stopped to gather. A sincere thank you to Graniti Murales for the opportunity to paint my largest work ever in a very special place. Grazie Mille Joanne” 


This was Joanne’s second mural residency in Graniti. She enjoyed it so much the first time that she decided to return, this time with a group of fellow Canadian artists. The beautiful pine forest on the hills that surround Graniti was Joanne’s subject matter this time and she did a fantastic job capturing their striking shapes and stature as her mural is three stories high and a story off the ground. She had to work hard climbing up and down on her scaffolding to complete the magnificent tall landscape.

My passion lies in capturing the beauty of the great outdoors through painting. Residing in the breathtaking region of British Columbia, Canada, I find inspiration in the majestic mountain landscapes and sun-dappled forest trees. Each stroke of my brush brings to life the places I have personally experienced through road cycling, mountain biking, and hiking. During these outdoor adventures, I always carry a camera or sketchbook with me, allowing me to document the scenery and gather reference material for my paintings.

Having started my artistic journey in 2006, the same year I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and began working as a full-time engineer, I have been consistently devoted to painting for the past 16 years. Being self-taught, I have developed my own unique style, employing layers of discrete colors in my brushstrokes to create captivating scenes. Working primarily with acrylic paint and glazing mediums, I strive to minimize visible brushstrokes, focusing instead on harmonious colors that shine through in the final artwork.

In 2022, I took a leap of faith and turned my painting side hustle into a full-time career, embarking on an exciting new chapter. One of the highlights of my artistic journey was the opportunity to create outdoor wall murals in the charming town of Graniti, Sicily. With these murals, I brought the awe-inspiring landscapes surrounding Graniti into the heart of the town, fostering a strong connection with the community and immersing myself in the vibrant culture. These projects allowed me to delve into the fascinating ancient human history of Sicily, offering a captivating contrast to my Canadian roots. I look forward to returning to Graniti in the near future, eager to continue exploring new artistic horizons.

In addition to my outdoor paintings and murals, I have delved into the world of robotics and artificial intelligence to create fine art. My exploration of using a robotic arm, coupled with machine learning algorithms, garnered recognition and acclaim. In fact, my work earned 5th place in the prestigious 2018 International Robot Art competition, receiving international press coverage and media attention from esteemed outlets such as CBC Radio, Google’s Instagram, and BBC World News. I have proudly showcased my robotic painting installations in exhibitions held in Vancouver, Canada, London, UK, and Los Angeles, US.

With a blend of passion, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the natural world, I am excited to see where my artistic journey takes me next. Whether it’s capturing the essence of the outdoors on canvas, engaging with communities through mural projects, or pushing the boundaries of art with robotics, I strive to inspire and leave a lasting impact through my creations.