Lelia Byron

Lelia Byron (USA) 06/2017

Lelia Byron’s paintings tell the stories of people and places both real and imagined. Narrating through use of bright colors she captured and reinterpreted the people, stories and surroundings of Graniti

As an interdisciplinary artist, I engage in a diverse range of artistic mediums, including paintings, sculptures, murals, installations, and public art projects. My artistic practice is characterized by a deep exploration of various themes and concepts.

In recent times, my creative endeavors have encompassed a multitude of exciting projects. Notably, I have completed a captivating series of murals in Rauma, Finland, wherein I employed lace-making as a powerful metaphor for language and human connection. Additionally, I have contributed to the realm of public art by crafting a thought-provoking sculpture made from plastic waste in Madison, WI. Furthermore, I have delved into the world of paintings, focusing on depicting the inspiring stories of women coffee farmers in Colombia. Exploring the intersection of art and sustainability, I have also created outdoor sculptures in rural Portugal using recycled plastic. Shedding light on important socio-economic issues, I have embarked on a series of paintings portraying the struggle of workers in Massachusetts fighting for labor rights.

To enhance my artistic skills and knowledge, I obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University and pursued a Master’s in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts (University of the Arts London). Originally hailing from the vibrant city of New York, I am currently based in Madison, WI, where I continue to create meaningful and impactful art that resonates with diverse audiences.