Lori Popadiuk

Lori Popadiuk (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/ 2017

Lori works in black and white focussing on intuitive free spirited line work without the distraction of colour. She depicts beautiful butterfly-like wings representing a journey of self discovery, self reflection and transformation. No matter where in the world this would be, it holds a universal meaning.

In October 2017, an incredible opportunity arose for me and my collective, “13 Feet Off the Ground” – a residency in the picturesque Sicilian town of Graniti. Tucked away in the mountains, a mere 20 minutes outside of Taromina, this quaint town with its population of 1600 became our haven for an entire month. Together, we embarked on a mission to breathe new life into the weathered walls through vibrant murals.

My designated mural site was nestled on a narrow street, perched atop a gentle hill. The walls, worn and crumbling, possessed a raw charm that I couldn’t resist. Instead of covering the decay entirely, I chose to embrace it and showcase the natural exposed brick as a captivating detail. Being an expressive painter, I spent several days in quiet contemplation, allowing my intuition to guide the brushstrokes and development of my artwork. The locals affectionately dubbed my mural a “farfalla,” and I couldn’t help but agree. Indeed, it bore a resemblance to a butterfly – a fitting metaphor, as these enchanting creatures are masters of transformation. Like the butterfly, we artists left our mark on the town, enhancing its beauty and leaving it a little more vibrant than before.

Interestingly, I ended up creating not just one, but three murals during my time in Graniti. The focal point was the majestic “farfalla,” its wings gracefully adorning the wall. Opposite the butterfly, I added a smaller mural depicting an insect wing, creating a harmonious composition. Additionally, I took on a third project, situated among my 13 Feet Off the Ground sisters. This mural occupied the triangular space along a ramp near the town playground, adding an extra touch of creativity to the vibrant atmosphere.

The experience of transforming the walls of Graniti with my artistic expressions was truly remarkable. It allowed us to leave a lasting impact on the town, just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, transformed and more beautiful.