Maria Cristina Paffumi

Maria Cristina Paffumi, Graniti (IT) 09/2014

Maria Cristina Paffumi has painted a delicate work depicting Graniti of long ago. She drew her inspiration from old photographs showing local women, men and children with the traditional “brocche” on their heads while crossing the road in front of the main church.

“I tried to stop time – says the artist commenting on her mural – with a typical peasant scene of so many decades ago, when life was simple, maybe hard, but with the richness of human values and traditions.I consider it to be a “bridge” between past, present and future just as the hourglass I painted might show….”

Paffumi boasts an impressive background, having graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. In addition to teaching photography and creating theater sets, she has developed a strong proficiency in ceramic techniques. Her artistic journey has included participation in various exhibitions held between Messina and Catania, including her 1999 solo exhibition, “Semblance of a Woman,” hosted at the prestigious Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano in Taormina.

For this esteemed Sicilian artist, the opportunity to leave her “indelible” signature in a public space within her own country, as well as returning to the esteemed international context of “Graniti Murales,” is undoubtedly a significant achievement.