Michael Olivo

Michael Olivo (USA) July 2015

“The mural is based around fertility and the symbol of the trinacria. In the background can be seen Mt. Etna during an eruption, the river of Graniti flows beneath the Trinacria, and various buildings and flora of the Graniti area. The brightness in color is a reference to the potential for vibrant and healthy growth. It is ultimately an image meant to welcome fertility to the surrounding area.”

Michael Olivo is an artist known for his captivating comics and artwork, which often hover on the outskirts of complete abstraction. Within the masses of vibrant blobs, tubes, and contorted forms, one can catch glimpses of characters and narratives that emerge. Notably, Olivo is a prolific collaborator, having been previously featured alongside artists like Samuel Hayes and Niv Bavarsky in past “Artist of the Day” posts. On his Tumblr, Olivo curates a collection of collaborative works produced with others, showcasing his dedication to artistic partnerships.

In Olivo’s color-saturated drawings, one can occasionally spot clearly recognizable monsters and animals, adding an element of distinctiveness to his pieces. His comics bear the influence of his love for the medium, incorporating elements such as line-art and dynamic areas filled with bold black. To provide a comprehensive experience of his artistic endeavors, Olivo maintains a main website that serves as a central hub, housing links to his various internet platforms where audiences can explore and even purchase his projects. For a more extensive view of his work, he also shares a collection of his pieces on Flickr.

Michael Olivo’s artistic creations transcend conventional boundaries, fusing elements of abstraction, storytelling, and collaboration. His ability to evoke narratives within his visually stunning compositions showcases his unique artistic voice. With a strong online presence and diverse body of work, Olivo continues to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of visual storytelling.