Sarah Hickey

Sarah Hickey (Australia) 09/2017

Sarah’s work focuses on female idols and still-life vignettes that are expressions of an internal world of dreaming and reflection. 

Gaia of Graniti represents the primordial Earth mother goddess and divine femme that has been celebrated since ancient times. Gaia of Graniti reminds us that we are all part of the same great Earth, and all connected through love.The lynx is symbolic of the wild, like nature itself. It is spitting fire, like near Mount Etna. We are reminded that humans are part of something greater than ourselves, and can never have ultimate control over our universe. Gaia is a protective totem and Sarah’s way of offering a blessing to the people of Graniti.

Sarah Hickey’s body of work, encompassing female idols and still life vignettes, serves as a window into her internal realm of dreams and contemplation. Through intricate layers of imagery and patterns, she captures the essence of beauty, spiritual iconography, and the feminine.

As a versatile artist, Sarah has engaged in various creative pursuits. She has completed residencies at the Tweed River Regional Gallery in NSW and the Graniti Murales residency program in Sicily, Italy. Additionally, she has showcased her skills as a muralist, participating in the Brisbane Street Art Festival in 2019 and leaving her mark with a large-scale mural in Armidale that pays homage to Australia’s first all-female fire brigade, known as “The Amazons,” who operated from 1901 to 1905.

Sarah is a graduate of Griffith University Queensland College of Art, holding bachelor degrees in fine arts and education. Since 2002, she has been employed with Education Queensland, utilizing her artistic expertise in an educational context. With ten solo exhibitions and over thirty group shows under her belt, Sarah’s work has garnered recognition in esteemed competitions such as The Doug Moran Portrait Prize and The Lester Art Prize. She has been selected as a finalist in The Percival Portrait Prize, The Brisbane Portrait Prize, The Kennedy Art Prize, Redland Art Awards, Xstrata Percival Portrait Award, Clayton Utz Art Award, Marie Ellis OAM Drawing Prize, The Mandorla Art Award, Kenilworth Painting Prize, Lethbridge 10000 Art Award, and SBS Portrait Prize.

Sarah Hickey’s artistic journey is marked by her dedication to exploring diverse themes and mediums. Her ability to evoke a sense of introspection and captivate audiences through her intricate and meaningful creations has earned her a well-deserved place in the artistic community.