Sheree Jones

Sheree Jones (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/2017

In her first week in Graniti, Sheree looked for locations to paint en plein air and found her ‘secret garden’ which became the inspiration for her mural. Her methodical approach is shown in three segments; her colour palette, the grisaille underpainting establishing tonal values and the fully rendered landscape painting. 

Sheree Jones is an artist and oil painter residing in North Vancouver. She has had a passion for art since her early days with crayons. As an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Oil Painters of America, and Plein Air BC, her artwork can be found in numerous collections worldwide. Sheree offers private and semi-private lessons at her dedicated teaching studio on Pemberton Avenue, as well as weekly online mentoring classes. Additionally, she leads plein air workshops locally and internationally. Renowned as a respected teacher and mentor, Sheree’s contagious enthusiasm inspires all those who collaborate with her.

“My artistic journey has taken me on various paths. I am particularly fond of painting outdoors en plein air, capturing my subjects directly from life. Wherever I go, from Mexico to Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy, California, Wyoming, and many of the beautiful BC Gulf Islands, I carry my painting gear with me. Painting from life, whether it’s the landscape, a still life in the studio, or the human figure, is an integral part of my artistic practice. I find plein air painting to be incredibly fulfilling.”

Teaching Philosophy: “I firmly believe in sharing my love and knowledge of painting in a relaxed and supportive environment. Guiding students through their own creative process and encouraging them to listen to their own artistic voice brings me great joy.”

Artist Statement: “The vibrant colours, the textures in fabrics, and the ever-changing light in the landscape inspire me to translate them onto canvas. Drawing from these elements, I create lines, shapes, and forms with a strong design that beckons me to my easel each and every day.”