Lucía Antebi & Elisa Gonzalez Miralles

Lucía Antebi & Elisa Gonzalez Miralles

Elisa González Miralles, Madrid 1978
Began her career as a photographer after studying a Master’s Degree from EFTI school

Recent works have been selected for the Voies off Festival (Arles), Photography Show (San Diego), Internacional Festival Lishui (China), RayKo`s plastic camara show (San Francisco), Descubrimientos PHE14 (Madrid).

Her photography is about how people relate to each other physically and emotionally, and how they construct their own identity. It is often about what is not said.

Lucia Antebi, Buenos Aires, 1976
Studied photography and journalism in Chicago and Catalonia (CBEFIs)

She dedicates herself to full-time collaboration with national and international editorial media. Clients include: Harper’s Bazaar, Yo Dona Magazine, XXL Weekly, Elephant Magazine, PSY, La Fábrica Editorial, Finland Zoom Magazine, Lady Golf, Rolling Stone, etc..

Her artwork is represented by the British agency Millennium Images.

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