Sarah Hickey

Sarah Hickey

Gaia of Graniti

Gaia of Graniti represents the primordial Earth mother goddess and divine femme that has been celebrated since ancient times.

She caresses a lynx, a big cat that still exists in the wild mountains of Sicily. The lynx is symbolic of the wild, untamed, and the unpredictable, like nature itself, uncontrollable and rebellious. The lynx is spitting fire, like nearby Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe. We are reminded that humans are part of something greater than ourselves, and can never have ultimate control over our universe.

Gaia, containing the spirit of Graniti, tames and calms the lynx. She is a protective totem, and my way of offering a blessing to the people of Graniti.

The patterns and embellishment surrounding Gaia are inspired by traditional Sicilian caretto design. The large wheel of the Sicilian cart that haloes behind Gaia’s head symbolises the wheel of chance and life that keeps spinning to our individual and collective destinations. Gaia’s hair is adorned with almond cherry biscuits, paying homage to the famous Sicilian sweet pastries abundantly available here. The cherries also reference the Graniti Cherry Festival.

Gaia’s cheeks and chest are emblazoned with hearts, an ideograph expressing emotion, affection, and love. The hearts represent a universal, enduring and eternal love. It is the love in our families, the romantic love of our partners, the love within our community, and a love for all of humanity.

I hope that Gaia of Graniti reminds us that, although we may be different, we are all, over great expanses of time and space, part of the same great Earth, and all connected through love.

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