The Residency Program

Our Approach

Crossing Borders

The Graniti Murales Artist Residency provides an opportunity for national and international artists to break out of their studio, to a unique rural town tucked away from the city in the northern mountains of Sicily.  A town that has opened its doors and welcomed the creative expressions of artists from around the globe. We encourage both experienced site specific artists to apply, as well as those with the drive to challenge themselves beyond their typical work methods.  We are less interested in eloquent “Art Speak”, and more interested in creating works of art that embed themselves into the community.  Projects that embody the artist’s passion in their work.  Not merely graphics on a wall.  Meant to do what art has always been intended to do.  To inspire.  Enlighten.  Educate.

Our Story

Graniti Murales offers residencies to national and international artists to create original works of Art within the public spaces of Graniti, Sicily. We typically produce murals applied to the walls within the town, but are open to other more experimental works that may include video, sculpture, written text, sound etc.  Dazzle us.

The organization is allowed to use all documentation materials such as photos, biographies, etc. to promote the project for marketing. It goes without saying that artists are expected to leave their work installed for the Project in Graniti.

All works are summarized under the name "Graniti Murales" and can be visited during their installation process. The organization helps with tools, working materials, introductions, publicity in the media, and documents your residence and your project on this website.

Works installed within the community will remain for at least 6 months.

The Process

  • Artist submits application
  • Committee reviews application
  • Video interview
  • Artist is invited
  • Dates of residency are confirmed
  • Announcement is made on Facebook page
  • Artist arrives, picked up from Giardini Naxos
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Walking tour of Graniti
  • Artist develops proposal (including sketches)
  • Artist presents proposal to Town Council (w/translation assistance)
  • Town Council and Building Owner approves
  • Execution of project
  • Presentation Ceremony
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Project is added to website

What to Expect

Artist Provides
  • Travel Expenses (to Giardini Naxos)
  • Food
  • Execution of project
  • €100 Cleaning & Utilities Fee (€200 if stay is longer than weeks)
  • Artist may bring one guest - €15/per day fee
Graniti Murales Provides
  • Pickup from Giardini Naxos
  • Lodging
    • Private bedroom and shared full kitchen, bathroom, & laundry
    • Private Apartment available for a fee
  • Art Supplies - paints, brushes, etc.
  • Art Studio
  • Coordinates local efforts to support project
  • Cultural Visits & Art Excursions
    • These will vary depending on time of year
  • Presentation Ceremony
  • Posts completed project to Facebook and Website

How to Apply for the Artist Residency...

If you're interested in participating in our residency program, go to the application form and let us know a little bit about you and your work. Fill out the form and you will be directed where to send your CV and images after completion.


Meet the Team

Salvatore Romano

Salvatore Romano

Culture Ambassador / Founder

Salvatore, a native of Graniti, founded Graniti Murales to breath new life into his hometown and give back to the community that he cares so much about.  His business, Tasting Sicily, keeps him extremely busy and closely connected to many local food producers and events.  It is this connection that adds so much local flavor (pun intended) to the artist residency... his knowledge of local history, foods, and traditions is priceless.  Plus, he knows just about everybody.

Richard Ralya

Richard Ralya


Richard studied at UC Berkeley,the California College of the Arts, and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been exhibited at the Bishop Museum (Honolulu), the Honolulu Academy of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu, SF MOMA, and many other group shows and solo exhibitions in Honolulu, Hawaii. Where he helped transform the creative community by co-founding a vanguard contemporary art gallery / multi-media space (thirtyninehotel) as well as an underground bi-monthly film-challenge (Showdown in Chinatown).  Richard is a recent addition, moving from Istanbul, Turkey where he has lived for the past two years.


Christian I. Peintner

Collaborator / Co-founder / Art Director 2014-2016

Austrian painter and sculptor; also instructor in these fields. International exhibitions since 1990. His crossover activities contains: Performance "Phoenix out of the Ash" (burning paintings) 1998 - Video installation “techne” in Milan 2005 - novel "niemandsland" (in German) conceptual project and book 2007 - Lectureship for "Outside of the Gallery" and Universities in Palestine, supported by the European Commission and NGO`s 2009 - International Stone sculptor Symposium in Vättis (Switzerland) 2009 - curator of exhibitions and museum projects.