Bojana Ilic

Bojana Ilic BOJITT Luglio 2023

Bojana Ilic BOJITT, nata e cresciuta in Serbia è un artista che vive a Chicago.

si continua in inglese and pls feel free to use google god :-):
She holds a degree in clothing and textile design from DTM Belgrade, Serbia. Following a successful career in the fashion industry in Serbia, she immigrated to the United States in 2007, obtaining American Citizenship and welcoming her son, Danny. Leveraging more than 20 years of combined experience in the creative industry, BOJITT helps clients visually articulate their vision and brand experience. Her passion for art and design ignites her work mission to develop and deliver client’s brands by deepening consumer’s visceral connection.


Her Mission

“My mission is to inspire communities around the world to think bigger than themselves, to take in and cherish all they have in their roots and with this in mind think globally.
Traditions and old crafts were always a great inspiration for me- not only for the visual beauty but also the fact that they connect people, always creating a sort of personal peace for me.
I started the “e PLURIBUS UNUM “ mural project in 2020 during the COVID shutdown and social unrest in Chicago.
As an immigrant, I wanted to inspire people and communities to pause their rage for a second and look deep inside themselves. To find who they really are and what they as individuals bring to the table. To cherish one another and OUR DIFFERENCES. To unite and be as one “out of many, ONE”
I painted the first mural in the most diverse neighbourhood in Chicago, UPTOWN, where I live… then I pushed my project to Chicago downtown, Miami Florida Design District. Last summer I painted a mural for the city I grew up in, Pirot, in Serbia.

And I am honoured to be here, to have the opportunity to learn about Sicilian traditions and crafts.
Embroidery is what captured my interest the most and this is why I incorporated it in my work. I wanted you to see it when you pass by and remember how important the work of hands is, and to cherish and pass this to the young generations will deepen the connection and make us stronger! a strong. And only together, strong can we make a difference in the world.
-out of many,one-

Bojana Ilic BOJITT