Caesar Perez

Caesar Perez (USA) 07/2022


Caesar’s mural for Graniti Murales is a very large scale piece of aerosol art, dedicated to the late Sicilian Folk singer Rosa Balistreri embedded in a typical Sicilian “Testa di Moro” symbol.

Czr Prz – aka Caesar Perez – is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large-scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design. Born and raised in working-class Chicago, Prz’s 20-year creative career has spanned America all the way to Europe. Across their multifaceted media, Prz’s artworks tell stories in the folkloric tradition instilled by his Latino-Caribbean upbringing.

My artistic creations capture the ethereal essence of reality, presenting it with vivid clarity that exudes a sense of surrealism. Symbolism, drawn from both traditional and pop culture sources, serves as the language through which I explore and express my art. Among my preferred subjects, birds hold a special place, transcending cultural boundaries as universally cherished symbols of intelligence, agility, and mysticism. Ancient elements harmonize with futuristic and otherworldly undertones, blending seamlessly within my distinctive style.

Growing up in Chicago during the vibrant decades of the 80s and 90s, I was fortunate to have abundant resources at my disposal. Anchoring my artistic practice is a deep respect for the rich tradition of folklorico storytelling inherited from my family. Additionally, I draw inspiration from art history, finding influence in Renaissance masters and Impressionist movements. Modern sources like graphic novels and graffiti inevitably find their way into my work, bridging the gap between past and present, creating enigmatic scenes that exist in a realm beyond time—a place akin to half-remembered dreams.

Even the choice of media I work with holds significant personal significance. Public artwork feels like a natural fit, as I, like many other kids, once dabbled in tagging. Street art has undoubtedly transformed my life. Canvases pay homage to the revered Masters who preceded me in this artistic pursuit. Sculptural fabrication, on the other hand, resonates with my working-class roots, showcasing the delicate results that can be achieved through the utilization of heavy machinery.