Carol McQuaid

Carol Mc Quaid (Canada)

13 Feet off the Ground


“Look Up!”

Carol’s mural subject came from observations she made while travelling before arriving in Graniti. While a couple of figures look on, others are absorbed in their phones. Carol’s mural causes one to pause and consider the need to really be present in life and to appreciate where you are.

Carol McQuaid, an artist and wanderer, captures the essence of cityscapes in Vancouver and various locations worldwide through her paintings and prints. She embraces the art of contemplation when it comes to capturing scenes, often working on-site with her watercolor sketchbook journals in hand. As the author of “On Keeping a Watercolour Sketchbook Journal,” she advocates for the practice of sketching as a means to awaken and truly observe the world around us. Carol divides her time between studios in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, and Apex Mountain, BC, where she transforms her sketches into large-scale watercolors, acrylic paintings, and meticulously hand-carved relief prints. Her artistic focus revolves around the dynamic interplay of time, place, our constructed environments, and our relationship with them. A distinguished member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Carol’s linocut/watercolor piece titled “Rooftops of Montmartre” won first place in their 2015 Landscape Show. Known as an artist in residence enthusiast, she spends a significant portion of each year traveling, teaching, and creating art in captivating destinations worldwide. During her travels, Carol actively engages with local artists and runs the popular podcast “Two Artists Walk into a Bar,” where she engages in conversations with creatives about their work, life, and the artistic process—often set in bars. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, she has redirected her energies toward teaching workshops online and virtually visiting artists in their own spaces through the YouTube series “Artists In Residence.”