Jenn Brisson

Jenn Brisson (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/ 2017

Jenn had the longest wall to paint (4 meters).  The mural is called “Shifting and Revealing”. It is a self portrait of sorts including a series of masks representing local fauna she encountered in Graniti. The masks are strung together and opened by a long red ribbon held by two hummingbirds representing Vancouver.

Jenn also wrote a poem to accompany her mural


Was it the Church bell’s random song?

Or the dog’s warning as I tread along?

Was it those subtle ways, so helpful yet frightening?

Warm inviting gazes, windows to uncharted places?

Was it the frigid wind that awoke me and lifted me up higher?

Floating towards the mountains

Painted under a Sicilian sky

Jenn embarked on her artistic journey by working in the Animation industry as a skilled draughtsperson for numerous years. Over time, she has blossomed into a prolific painter, illustrator, street artist, and now an internationally recognized muralist. Her artistic style revolves around figurative representations, often showcasing mischievous quasi-human beings inhabiting vibrant and textured realms, embellished with flora and fauna.

The influence of her years spent drawing cartoons is evident in her distinctive style and character development. Infused with a fascination for the macabre, her art strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and peculiarity. As an imaginative and peculiar child, Jenn’s creative endeavors naturally involve the creation of worlds governed by witches and goddesses, where she and her imaginary companions can roam freely.

Jenn frequently incorporates mixed materials into her backgrounds, such as spray paint, stencils, splatters, and torn paper, resulting in a subtle juxtaposition between the chaotic backdrop and the serene presence of her characters.

In recent years, Jenn’s art has made appearances in the vibrant street art scene, with a particular focus on mural painting. She has adorned the walls of downtown Vancouver, New York City, and recently returned from a month-long mural residency in Sicily with the esteemed collective, 13 Feet Off The Ground. Jenn is thrilled to share her art in both public and private spaces across the globe, transporting viewers to alternative realms, inspiring them, and infusing their everyday lives with vibrant colors.

Currently residing and working in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, Jenn remains steadfast in her pursuit of magical beings, embracing life to the fullest.