Kilia Llano

Kilia Llano, a talented multidisciplinary artist, resides and creates in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her artistic style, blending realism and impressionism, is dedicated to capturing the depths of human emotions and their interconnectedness with the environment. Through her art, she delves into the social fabric that shapes individuals, exploring our relationship with nature and how personal experiences shape our perceptions of the world.

Kilia’s artistic journey began with a BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration from the esteemed Chavón School of Design in the Dominican Republic, as well as Parsons School of Design in New York. She further expanded her artistic horizons through additional studies in Ancient Art History at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona and Art Education at UNIBE University. These diverse academic pursuits allowed her to refine her painting and drawing techniques, enabling her to vividly depict both the imaginary and real world in her paintings, murals, and illustrations.

As a visionary artist, Kilia pushes the boundaries of traditional techniques, infusing her work with a unique, modern, and powerful style. Alongside her creative endeavors, she is devoted to sharing her knowledge and inspiring the next generation of artists through teaching.

Kilia’s artwork has graced numerous exhibitions, both within the Dominican Republic and beyond. Her pieces have been showcased in the United States, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Italy. Notably, her work has found a place in esteemed public and private collections within the Dominican Republic, as well as smaller collections across the United States.