Melanie Ellery

Melanie Ellery (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/ 2017

Melanie was inspired by the plentiful local cactus plants and their prickly pear fruit- ‘fichi d’India’. She drew a comparison between the survival instinct of the cactus plant and the resilience of the people of Sicily, who have endured numerous invasions yet have always remained steadfastly loyal to their island. Melanie created her design around the beautiful crumbling textured parts of the wall and carried bits of her design onto random stones and step stones leading up to the mural. If you look closely you will find a Canadian maple leaf, a Sicilian crest and subtle messages in this whimsical mural.

Melanie Ellery is a talented contemporary artist hailing from Port Moody, BC. Her artistic expression primarily revolves around colourful abstract paintings that exude a sense of movement and dynamism. Melanie’s creative process is characterized by spontaneity, allowing her works to evolve organically. She employs various techniques such as glazes, drips, and mark-making to bring her vision to life.

Melanie received her formal education at Sheridan College, where she pursued Illustration with a specialization in Advertising. Her diverse background in graphic design and art direction has undoubtedly influenced her artistic style and approach.

Beyond her individual practice, Melanie is also a founding member of the all-women art collective known as ’13 feet off the ground.’ Together with her fellow artists, the group has been actively involved in numerous projects, including the creation of captivating murals in various locations throughout British Columbia. Additionally, they have embarked on inspiring Artist Residencies in Sicily and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, enriching their creative journey and expanding their artistic horizons.

Melanie’s artworks can be discovered and appreciated not only in physical galleries and exhibitions but also through online platforms such as artogone and the North Van Arts Rental Program. These platforms provide art enthusiasts and collectors with convenient access to select pieces from her portfolio, making her artwork accessible to a wider audience.

Through her captivating abstract paintings and involvement in collaborative art initiatives, Melanie Ellery continues to make a significant impact on the contemporary art scene. Her vibrant creations and dedication to artistic exploration truly showcase her talent and passion for the visual arts.