Morgane Billault

Morgane Billault (Canada) 13 Feet off the Ground 11/ 2017

Morgane’s mural is located on an empty house on Via Roma.. She worked on a large scaffolding installed by the local residency volunteers. Morgane’s work reflected the warm maternal energy she felt around Graniti. It features a large, protective Medusa/Mother Earth figure, embracing the many local street cats, surrounded by a cascade of anchovies and stylized pine trees seen on the hills around the town.

Hello! My name is Morgane Billault.

I am a 2D Animator and Animation Director residing in London, UK.

Originally from Nantes, France, I pursued my studies in traditional animation and fine arts at École Pivaut.

With a decade of experience in the animation industry, I have developed expertise in frame-by-frame animation and motion graphics for various mediums such as TV shows, short films, and advertising.

In my work, I utilize a range of software including Animate, ToonBoom, After Effects, Photoshop, TVPaint, and Illustrator.

Currently, I am employed as a full-time Character Animator/Creative at Art&Graft.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to connecting with you!