Alberto Ruce & Carla Costanza

Alberto Ruce & Carla Costanza di Transumanze Project (IT) 09/2019

The mural shows the old art of “Scannu” making. A Scannu is a small seat made of plant stems of chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris). Here, the artist blends his work into the colour scheme and shades of derelict walls, forcing the onlooker to make an effort and “search” for the picture in/on the wall.

Transumanze is an extraordinary artistic project that seamlessly combines the realms of mural art and video making. In collaboration with the talented Carla Costanza (Giniusa) as the videomaker and graphics expert, Transumanze brings forth a unique vision. This captivating project aims to shed light on the often overlooked small and marginal realities found not only in Sicily but across the globe. With a blend of visual storytelling, mural art, and video production, Transumanze presents an immersive exploration of these intriguing and diverse communities.

At the same time, Transumanze (“transhuming”) is also an ancient breeding technique that is so complex that it has been abandoned over time. Abandoned as so many customs are being forgotten, from processing homemade food to artisanal creation. Whole worlds that are fading, together with the memory of the small gestures and their symbolic meaning.

Born in Sicily in 1988, Alberto Ruce is a painter who finds inspiration both in the bustling urban environment and within the walls of his studio. His artistic journey began at the tender age of 13-14 when he delved into the world of sprays and tagging, embarking on a self-taught path of discovery. Through keen observations and interactions with fellow graffiti artists, he honed his craft and developed his unique style.

In 2009, Alberto made the move to Paris, immersing himself in its vibrant art scene for five transformative years. This period provided him with invaluable opportunities to connect with numerous artists and participate in national and international festivals. Eager to expand his artistic knowledge, he enrolled in drawing, painting, and perspective courses at the Atelier des Beaux-Arts de Paris from 2011 to 2014.

Currently residing in Marseille, Alberto has established his studio as the hub of his creative endeavors. It is there that he passionately works on various artistic projects, seamlessly weaving together the artistic influences of both France and Italy. His art serves as a bridge, connecting these two culturally rich countries in a tapestry of creativity.