Slava Ptrk

Slava Ptrk (Russia) 12/2017

Slava visited us from Russia during the month of December.  Rather than one large mural, he spent his residency creating several smaller murals throughout the town.  Some of them were playful in nature, and some worked with the existing architecture to create an optical illusion.

Hello, my name is Slava Ptrk. I am a street artist from Yekaterinburg. Journalist by education. Usually, I work with the social and political reality around me, responding to the challenges of the time and the world. I strive to create works that are accurate, concise, understandable, sharp, and relevant to the needs of the moment, seamlessly blending into the physical and informational context of their creation. I love involving people in my projects, making them accomplices and co-authors. Participatory engagement, interactivity, and accessibility to a wide audience are essential aspects of my work.

My main tool is irony. I use it to highlight the absurdity that surrounds us, the surreal nature of our reality. This serves as both my topic and a wellspring of inspiration for new works. The specific instruments, genres, and techniques I employ are not limited; they can include drawings, installations, performances, or even social media posts. I started with stencils and posters and gradually expanded my artistic arsenal, embracing various genres. In my portfolio, you’ll find monumental murals like “Here and Now” and “Good Harvest,” as well as situational actions such as “Mudburg” and “Fuck Dancing.” Sometimes, I embed my works within the urban context (series: “White Series,” “Loneliness”), and other times, I shape the surrounding context to suit my artistic vision (drawings on stairs, the series “Tenderness”).

You can find me on:

Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or questions you may have.